Monday, December 31, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Well Hello! I can not believe I haven't blogged since June! Wow! What can I say? happens.
Today's blog post is a mixed one. Part 1, my post for Crafting By Designs. We have moved to a new home, we have a blog now. It is only a month old. My debut will be on January 9th, but while my guys are out hunting today, I had time to play. You can find the challenge here. My take is a little different. I really do not have digi's. I just don't use them. I did, however, have a ton of hearts I cut out from last year. My mom gave me a new toy for Christmas and I am having a blast with it, a Cuttlebug. I never used embossing folders or anything of the such before. I'm in love...
I used craft card stock for my base, used a a piece of left over Christmas paper from a Recollection stack, a piece of dark brown card stock from my scrap pile and a craft heart I had cut out for something from last year. I ran the brown card stock and the heart through my Cuttlebug. Very simple card, took maybe 5 minutes to make.
Now my sister bought accessories to go with the Cuttlebug, this is the first time I ever did quilling before and quite possible the newest addiction of mine. My flower is the one on the right, it is supposed to look like the one on the left, but....although for it being the first time, it didn't turn out too bad.

Now for Part 2 of this blog post. It is December 31, 2012. New Year's Eve...the last day of the year. Today's mood seems to be a little melancholy. Reflecting back on the past year. There were happy moments, there were sad moments and some moments I would just like to forget. Friendships lost, new friendships made. Friendships that went beyond friendship during the most trying and difficult times. Loved ones were lost, new little ones born. Trips of a lifetime were made and a daughter from another mother moved far, far away.
This Christmas was the first one with the full belief in Santa Claus. I believe I had a harder time with it than my son did. No cookies and milk left out on Christmas Eve. No magic sprinkles thrown in the lawn for Santa to see from his sleigh in the sky. The Santa conversation with my son is one that I will never forget. After Danny realized there was no "Santa", instead of being mad like most kids are, he came over to me and thanked me for making all of his Christmas's so magical and special. As soon as his dad woke up he did the same with him. I couldn't help but shed a few tears over that one.
So as the last hours of 2012 go by reflect on the good, do your best to forgive the bad. Seek the warmth in your heart and try to forgive. Tomorrow is not a given, it is a gift. Be with those you love. Hug them tight and tell them how much they mean to you.
May 2013 bring every one lots of  peace, love, happiness and good health.
Happy New Year!