Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm a Winner!

I could not believe when I checked the winner list over at The Outlawz, my name was on it! How very exciting! My night has just been made. I won a Gilli Goodie Bag from Gilli Rubber Stamps. A girl can never have enough stamps!
Busy night tonight, going to set up for a craft show tomorrow. Danny is coming with me to help, if his dad will let him. He is supposed to be getting his things ready for hunting tomorrow.

Friday, November 11, 2011

CAS @ The Outlawz and Use your scraps @ Crafting by Designs

I am totally amazed at how fast the year has gone by. It is practically mid-November! Christmas is right around the corner. I have picked up a couple of small Christmas gifts, but nothing of great significance. It will get done, always does.
My little man started out with a cough/cold/stuffiness a few weeks ago. This past week it his cough became worse. A trip to the doctor this morning to discover he has walking pneumonia. Tonight was his raingutter regatta for scouts and we had to miss it. I feel bad about it, the regatta would have been Danny's last one as a Cub Scout. In the spring he moves on to Boy Scouts. The doc said absolutely nothing for 2 days, give the antibiotic a chance to kick in...
I was able to participate in a couple of challenges, which made me feel good. I've been so swamped with getting ready for the craft show that playing with my paper isn't fun anymore. My goal is to have everything made that I am going to sell by Sunday, stamp the greetings, match the envelopes and have everything packed up and ready to go by Wednesday. Hopefully I do well.
Crafting By Designs - Use Your Scraps

The Outlaws - CAS 1106
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crafting By Designs - November Wk 1 - Tie it up

I've been so busy getting things ready for the craft show. Never again am I going to rent a space without having the goods ready. I hope I do well next week.
This card was made for the challenge over at Crafting By Designs. I think out of all of the cards I've made so far, this is my favorite. I wish I had more brown snowflake paper, I wasn't sure how the card would turn out, but I love it! It was a very simple card to make and of course I used my Cricut. I have a Cricut addiction, lol. The cartridge I used is the Winter Woodland Cartridge.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November??? Really?

When I was growing up, the timeless phrase that me, the Know It All Kid, heard over and over was how fast time goes. Enjoy it. Don't rush it. Well now that I am in the middle age group (I'm not quite sure how that happened!) I realize just how true those words are. Time is flying! Thanksgiving in less than 4 weeks, Christmas is less than 60 days away! Yikes!
My blog is being neglected, as usual. I have a craft show on November 19th. So many things to make, so little time. And a very good friend of mine asked if I would make favors for a baby shower she is hosting for a friend of hers. These are the favors:
They are filled with M&M's and Skittles. For my craft show I'm going to make tons of these. I have a feeling that Christmas designs will sell well.
I haven't updated my pics for a while, so I apologize in advance for the hodge podge. Just some examples of what I will be selling.
If you see something you like, please post a comment. Drop in, say hello, let me know that you were here.
Hope all is happy in you world! Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Stressed out Scrapper

Do you ever wonder why you do the things that you do at times? I decided to rent a space at a local craft show in November. I have nothing ready, nothing for the past week and a half I have been spending every available minute downstairs in my messy, scrappy corner. And let me tell ya, after November 19th, my messy, scrappy corner is going to be thoroughly cleaned out. Oh what a mess! I'd post a pic of it, but I'm too embarrassed to show anyone. When I'm done there now, paper is flying! I'm not quite sure how much to make. I have tons of embossed cards that I used sell at shows, BD. (Before Danny) I have had them forever and I really would like to get rid of them. I'm going to sell them 2/$1. I hope they sell. Well here is a preview of what I have completed right now.
Christmas Card

Mini Gift Boxes

Gift card holder

Santa Card

Snowman Card

Merry Wish Christmas Card

Skittle Sticks

Santa Suit Gift Card Holders

Merry & Bright

Reindeer Card

All of my items are for sale. Cards and Skittle Sticks are $1 each. The mini gift boxes are $1.25 each, the stocking gift card holder is $1.00 each and Santa Suits, .75 each. If interested, please let me know. I can have orders filled by the 2nd week of December if not sooner. I will also be adding M&M sticks and pencil packs.
Let me know you were here, please become a follower. I only have 11.
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

BBTB2 Wheel Barrow Challenge & Crafting By Designs One Layer Challenge

Yesterday was International Card Making Day, I was away at our camp in the mountains. I delayed it one day for me. As soon as we got home and settled, I played with my paper. I really wish I would win the lottery and I could play with my paper all of the time.
This week's challenge over at BBTB2 was chosen by Donna Mundinger. I absolutely love Donna's work. She is incredibly talented. Donna picked the Wheelbarrow from Walk in My Garden. To be honest, I completely forgot about the challenge and as I was cleaning up, I remembered. Not exactly how I wanted my card to turn out, but I'm not totally disappointed with it. Hope you like it.
And the challenge chosen by Doris over at Crafting by Designs for the first week of October was to design a card using only one layer. Sounds easy, right? Well not really. It is hard not to layer things. I was going through my papers trying to decide what I wanted to use. I had to put my chalks away, so that got me thinking. It was freezing cold this week, the high was 40 degrees and it rained non-stop, since Friday! I wasn't a happy camper. I decided to dig through my stencils, something that I RARELY use. I came up with this card, I think it is cute and it was super easy. Could also be used a CAS card too. Maybe, just maybe this will be my Christmas card this year.
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Come On Get Crafty!

October 1st is International Card Making Day. Playing with paper is so therapeutic. Having something in your mind and putting it on paper is one of the most rewarding things ever, not to mention how much fun it is!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I slipped on a rock, ummm yeah a rock. That's what I did.

Kids are funny. Sometimes the whole truth comes out, sometimes it takes a good 30 years. Last Saturday started out as a normal day, junior bowling league in the morning, little bit of shopping on the way home. Ate lunch, watched a little t.v., then time to play outside. I was crafting in my messy, basement corner. "Mom I'm going down to the creek to fish." 'O.k. Bud, be careful. Remember fish only where you're supposed to.' Oh a good 45 minutes went by. What happened next is like a blur, although it all occurred within seconds. Danny shows up at the basement door, screaming, soak & wet, pain written all over his face, screaming he has to go to the emergency room. I get him in the basement, over to the couch, grab a bag of frozen something from the freezer. Take his boot and sock off. Tiny bruise, little swelling. Nothing major. Wake up his dad, he looks at it. I want to take him to the ER, but his dad said no. "I'm sure he just sprained it. Let's give him a day."

I gave Danny Ibuprofen, we got him upstairs. After a while he was able to put some weight on it. He wanted to go to his Aunt's house for the family campfire. I wrapped it in an ace and off we went at 7:30. The next day was hit or miss so to speak. At times it hurt really bad, other times not at all. His dad said to me, "And you wanted to take him to the ER? He's tough, he's fine." Until 10:30 that night. Danny was in bed, I heard him stirring, then the screaming and crying began. He couldn't walk. I called his dad at work and said we are off to the ER. The ER doc looked at the X-rays, circled a "suspicious" area on his foot and said we need to go to the orthopedic doc the next day. The girls came in to put a semi hard cast on Danny's foot/leg. I watched them do it. While Danny and I were waiting for the cast to harden, Danny gets a funny look on his face and asks me why they put the cast on his wrong leg????? OMG! They put the cast on the wrong leg! I run down the hall to find them, told them and they laughed hysterically. I didn't find any humor in it at all. We were told at the doctor's office on Monday that Danny broke his Metatarsal Bone. We are trying to avoid surgery. We have another x-ray coming up on Wednesday. Our goal for 1-1/2 weeks is to do everything exactly how the doctor says. If the x-ray shows the tendons have shifted, the bone will not be perfectly lined up and we are going to have to have surgery. I am hoping the tendons haven't moved.
One thing that I have learned from this is just exactly how independent my 10 year was. Now that the crutches have been thrown into play and he isn't as mobile, I am doing everything for him. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Happy to know my 10 year is pretty independent, that he can do things for himself. Sad because he is no longer my baby and doesn't need me as much.
As for now, we have pieces of the puzzle, but haven't been able to put them in place. We do know Danny wasn't fishing. Lumber, a fallen down tree, a somewhat built bridge and the creek are the pieces. In time we'll know....I'm 43 years old, my brother 48 and my sister 50, my mom is still finding out about things we did growing up.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guest Designer - Crafting by Designs

I haven't updated my blog in awhile. Doris from Crafting by Designs asked me if I would be the Guest Designer of the week for the last of September. I was in shock! I feel quite honored to be asked that. I do not think my creations are all that great and never did I dream I would be asked to be a Guest Designer.
These are my creations. My challenge will be an anything goes, but it must be Halloween themed. I love Halloween.
Sweet Treats for Trick or Treat
Cricut Cartridge used Paper Doll Dress Up

The front of the card.
Cricut Cartridge Used - Mini-Monsters and Paper Doll Dress Up

The inside
I'm running short on time this evening. I will post the details for the cards and treats tomorrow. I apologize for not doing it tonight.
Have a wonderful evening and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Merry Christmas in August! CCAYR

I'm glad August has 31 days. I really wanted to make cards for CCAYR (Christmas Cards All Year Round) this month. The challenge seemed really fun. Pick 4 items out of a list the ladies provided. Well the month of August has flown right on by and I realized tonight as I was washing the dinner dishes, I only had 2 days left to create and post. Tomorrow I'm busy, so I'm down to one day. I really wanted to straighten up the house a bit. Holiday weekend coming up. School starts next week. Our dryer broke, so I'm sure there will be a trip to the laundry mat this week (ewww....)  I looked over the list, wrote down the items that I might use and off I went. I sat at my desk for 20 minutes completely dumbfounded. Being over confident I thought it would be a breeze... My creative energy started flowing and these are the cards I came up with. I'm not exactly thrilled with them, but they'll do.
Please let me know you stopped by. I love reading comments. I have 10 followers and would love to have more. (hint-hint)  Have a great night!
Items Used:  Striped paper, textured paper, metal embellishments
inking and a stamp

Items used:  Metal Embellishments, ribbon,
rub-on sentiment and inking

Items Used:  A Stamp (Heat Embossed - Texture)
Ribbon, inking and metal embellishments

Items Used:  Striped Paper, Alpha Stickers, Inking
Stamp (heat embossed - texture)

Items Used:  Metal Embellishments, Ribbon
Stamp and inking

Thursday, August 25, 2011

So much posting to do

I haven't kept up with my blog over the past couple of weeks. Time has gotten away from me (again.)
Lots of pics, hope I can remember all of the challenges they are for.....
The Outlawz - Twisted Thursday
It's all about the sentiment

The Outlawz - Wednesday Sketh

The Outlawz - CAS Sunday - Make your own embellishment.
I was so mad that I didn't notice the ink had run until after I
took the picture. I haven't had time to fix it yet.

The Outlawz - Paper ala Mode
Use a banner

No particular reason - Just because I think I have
really beautiful kids.

The Outlawz - Monday Greeting Card
Use a bird in your design

Crafting by Designs - Cricut/Die Cut Challenge
Anything summer
The Outlaws - Tuesday Color Challenge
Crafting by Designs - Sketch