Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't know how I did it, I just did....

Today is Tuesday. Weight watchers.....ugh..... I've been going to Weight Watchers for 2 years now. I had a lot of high hopes for myself. I did really well, losing 35 pounds until I had a procedure done in January 2010. I just keep gaining and gaining and gaining. I have gained 27 pounds of the 35 I had lost. Very frustrating. I am having health issues, my primary doctor just thinks I'm fat. I eat too much, doesn't listen to me that I am counting my points, I am following the plan, but the weight keeps coming back. I am currently seeing a neurologist because I have neuropathy. I cannot, but can feel my feet if that makes sense. I also have tons of swelling. Friday was blood work day. They took 8 tubes! 8!! Never in my life have I ever had 8 tubes of blood taken at one time, the nurse asked me how I was doing, I answered fine, said "good" and handed me the dreaded cup and pointed me to the bathroom. After my deposit was made, I was greeted by yet another nurse who escorted me to the x-ray room....{heavy sigh} Now I have to wait until July 7th for my neurology appointment. The decision on whether I like my neurologist hasn't been made. Picture a female version of Andy Warhol.
Well anyway, I went to WW tonight. I was not staying for the meeting. Reluctantly stepped on the scale only for the receptionist to tell me what a GREAT JOB! I did. Somehow I managed to lose 4 pounds and I have no idea how! Did whatever this is in my body decide to quit playing mean tricks on me? Did it decide to cooperate and realize that it can let go of the fat? I want to live. I just don't want to exist. I want to move. I want to play. I want to enjoy life damn it! Not just function in it.

Monday, June 27, 2011


My mom is trying to help us out this summer by watching Danny one or two days a week. My mom is awesome.  She's my mom, would she be anything less? Don't ask my husband. He'll answer you in all of his honesty of my mom being his mother-n-law. Mom called this evening, asked if Danny would be available on Wednesday. That's great! I'm working late that day, so all is covered. I mention to Danny that his Nunnie will be picking him up Wednesday morning. "What are we going to be doing?" 'Well Nunnie said that you will either be swimming at the neighbor's or Zelie Pool.' {Big heavy sigh} "Oh, Nun doesn't really let me go all over the pool in Zelie. I'm only allowed in the 3 feet and I have to stay in a small section where she can see me at all times." I tried explaining to him that his Nunnie is just watching out for him and his safety and that I would discuss the 4 foot deep adventure.
My mom turned 70 on June 19th. We had a surprise party for her on June 4th. We rented a little hall and invited 100 people. We had about 85 show and it was wonderful! Mom never knew about it. After she walked through the door at 4:30 and realized the party was for her, she cried. It was a very heartwarming, humbling experience. My mom has been a mom for 50 years. A half of century. That's a pretty long time. For 50 years my mom has been taking care of us, sacrificing her time for her family. We, meaning me, and my older sister and brother were able to do something for her. And it felt great. Even though the party was almost a month ago, my mom still thanks us and tells what a surprise and how great it was. How much she enjoyed herself. Well mom...it was our pleasure.
The classic family photo. I can not wait to frame 8 x 10's and give them out as Christmas presents this year!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunny Days - Outlawz Saturday Paper ala Mode Challenge

Wholly smokes! 2 posts in one day. Who woulda thunk it? Anyway, I managed to get some play time in this evening. I created this mini-accordion album for the Outlawz Challenge. Transform something into something else. I had 2 white artist's canvas's, I painted them and used them for the album covers of this mini album.
If you're here, please don't be shy, say hello. Maybe decide to follow me. I may not keep my blog up to date, but I do blog and post creations sometimes. Have a great night!
The cover

Inside 1

Inside 2

We better get 2, our glasses are big.

Wow! I know I say it every time I go on my blog to post. I really do feel bad for neglecting it, but life is crazy, life can get in the way of life. So many things have been going on. What I thought was going to turn into a horrible weekend, turned into an awesome because of my bff. My guys went away....I had a baby shower to go to with my in-laws, but on the interstate my car started acting up. I was so afraid of breaking down, so I bailed on the shower, turned around, and thankfully made it home. Leaving me home all alone with no car .......My bff (who is having car problems too) was able to get her car back early and saved the day. YAY! We had an excellent afternoon/evening together. I made potato salad, we went out and bought steaks and wine. We drank 1-1/2 huge bottles of wine, well our glasses were pretty big. Salad from the greens in my garden, onions, mushrooms. The food was good, very good. BUT the company was AWESOME! I love my bff. We have been bff's since the age of 7. We have crossed the line, no longer are we friends, we are sisters. I thank God for her every day. In all reality, I really do not know what I would do if Lisa was not in my life.
My guys called, they are on their way home, I best shower and finish a little odds & ends. I'm hoping today I can finish my altered item for The Outlawz Saturday Paper Ala Mode challenge.
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