Monday, August 29, 2011

Merry Christmas in August! CCAYR

I'm glad August has 31 days. I really wanted to make cards for CCAYR (Christmas Cards All Year Round) this month. The challenge seemed really fun. Pick 4 items out of a list the ladies provided. Well the month of August has flown right on by and I realized tonight as I was washing the dinner dishes, I only had 2 days left to create and post. Tomorrow I'm busy, so I'm down to one day. I really wanted to straighten up the house a bit. Holiday weekend coming up. School starts next week. Our dryer broke, so I'm sure there will be a trip to the laundry mat this week (ewww....)  I looked over the list, wrote down the items that I might use and off I went. I sat at my desk for 20 minutes completely dumbfounded. Being over confident I thought it would be a breeze... My creative energy started flowing and these are the cards I came up with. I'm not exactly thrilled with them, but they'll do.
Please let me know you stopped by. I love reading comments. I have 10 followers and would love to have more. (hint-hint)  Have a great night!
Items Used:  Striped paper, textured paper, metal embellishments
inking and a stamp

Items used:  Metal Embellishments, ribbon,
rub-on sentiment and inking

Items Used:  A Stamp (Heat Embossed - Texture)
Ribbon, inking and metal embellishments

Items Used:  Striped Paper, Alpha Stickers, Inking
Stamp (heat embossed - texture)

Items Used:  Metal Embellishments, Ribbon
Stamp and inking

Thursday, August 25, 2011

So much posting to do

I haven't kept up with my blog over the past couple of weeks. Time has gotten away from me (again.)
Lots of pics, hope I can remember all of the challenges they are for.....
The Outlawz - Twisted Thursday
It's all about the sentiment

The Outlawz - Wednesday Sketh

The Outlawz - CAS Sunday - Make your own embellishment.
I was so mad that I didn't notice the ink had run until after I
took the picture. I haven't had time to fix it yet.

The Outlawz - Paper ala Mode
Use a banner

No particular reason - Just because I think I have
really beautiful kids.

The Outlawz - Monday Greeting Card
Use a bird in your design

Crafting by Designs - Cricut/Die Cut Challenge
Anything summer
The Outlaws - Tuesday Color Challenge
Crafting by Designs - Sketch

Sunday, August 21, 2011

BBTB2 Ippity Challenge

BBTB2 added an extra challenge this week. A chance to win a set of Ippity Stamps. I do not own Ippity's. Actually I haven't used my stamps in so long. I had a HUGE collection of PSX stamps. My husband built me a shelving unit 10 ft wide x 4 ft high, and it has 5 shelves. My whole collection fit in it, with a few other brands too. I had 2 shelves to spare that needed to be filled. I haven't filled them. A couple of  years back, my husband was laid off for a very long time and money was really tight. Christmas was coming, I sold off quite a few of my beloved stamps. As sad as it was, I felt like I packing up a family member and shipping them off, it was well worth it. Santa was able to visit Danny and he had a great Christmas. Seeing his face on Christmas morning made it all worth while.
Anyway, the challenge for the stamps was to use a Cricut Cut, the color red and a stamp. I just love Pooh and think this card is really cute.
I'm off to check challenges today. I'm going to spend the afternoon in my messy corner. Paper mental therapy is calling me.
Thanks for stopping and have a great day!

Friday, August 12, 2011 -- Article - A Love Story -- Article - A Love Story

BBTB2 Paper Dolls Pie Challenge

Wow! 2 posts! One day!
Anyway....this is the card that I created for the BBTB2 Challenge this week. I am also going to enter it the Color Challenge over at the Outlawz. When I learned (watched) how to make this card, it seemed so easy. I was ready to toss it after 1-1/2 hours! I like this type of card, next time I am going to have to plan a little better. Maybe one night, decide my design, cut everything out, mirror everything, assemble the little pieces. Then the next night assemble the card.
It's late, I'm whooped. Getting Danny into bed, then after the 11:00 news, I'm going to bed. Big afternoon tomorrow, we've been invited to a pool party. It is supposed to storm, hopefully it will happen late afternoon or early evening so the party isn't ruined.
Have a great night!

Recovering from Vacation

This time last week my family and I were in the beautiful mountains. Kinzua Bridge State Park.
The view from the bridge.

A very, very rare photo of my hubby & me.
I'm the one always taking the pics!

Danny walking the tracks.
What is left of them, that is.

The view from the end of the bridge.
A tornado destroyed the bridge in 2003.

My guys!

We spent 9 days at our camp. Oh it was beautiful, so peaceful and extremely hard to come home. We had no schedule to follow. That morning when we woke up, we decided what we wanted to do. No hurries, no worries.
Anyway, Danny is spending the day with his Nunnie and my husband is sleeping. I chose mental therapy over housework. Well, it's supposed to rain tomorrow and Sunday so I'll clean then. At least the laundry is caught up. Clean Undies! That's a good thing!
I created this layout for Crafting by Design and The Outlawz. Crafting by Design was for layout of the week, create per sketch. The Outlawz - Paper ala Mode, 8-6-11, Bling it up, sparkle and shine. Anything.
I did a 2 page layout, but only used the first page for the challenges.
Crafting by Design and the Outlawz
Page 1 of 2 page layout

Page 2 of 2 page layout

As always thanks for stopping by. Have a great night!