Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today's the Day

Today is the day I meet all of Kelly's family. I'm bawling like a baby, why? I don't know. I think it is because of the overwhelming feelings I am experience and I have no other way of getting them out. Lisa gave me words of encouragement which really helped this morning. I love her with all of my heart and I really don't know what I would do without her in my life. We've experienced this thing called life since we were 6 or 7. We've gone through it together and my wish for everyone would be that they would have a Lisa in their life. Lisa and I fit, we fit together like a glove. We have gone through so much together. You know I really can not describe the friendship we have, it goes way beyond best friends. We are family, but to me it seems we are closer than family and I don't know exactly how to describe closer than family.
I have some things I have to get busy on. I will blog later today (hopefully) or tomorrow. I will have new pictures posted.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Whew! It's a Little Humid here in Harmony

In all honesty I was looking forward to the summer, being outside and doing all things you couldn't do in the winter, but this humidity is horrible! We don't have our a/c in yet, the house is gross. It is 59 outside right now, and 75 inside! I have everything open trying to cool it off. It is kind of strange being here by myself. Dan is working and I just got Danny on the school bus. My goal today is cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I started the other night by scrubbing the walls in the kitchen. Sadly they are beyond scrubbing and need painted. My ultimate achievement today is to finish the kitchen, then start in the dining room. Tomorrow will be the living room and bathroom. I am actually going to get on my hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor. I'll end up being a sweaty disgusting pig, but it will be clean, and I WILL hit my 20 pound loss for weight watchers.
Speaking of Weight Watchers, I took a week off and it showed. I only lost .4 pounds. I should be happy with that - at least I didn't gain. I have to get on the ball! I would really like to be down 50 pounds by the end of the summer although it seems very unrealistic.
We have having a birthday party for Danny next week. A birthday party campfire. This year it is a little different, his kids party is the same day. I'm having the kids come at 5:00, we will play birthday party games until 6:15/6:30, then tie it in to the adult/family party. The kids are going to roast hot dogs on the campfire. My sister is going to make a big thing of mac -n- cheese and that is what they are going to eat. We'll do presents and cake, then the kids can go home at 8:00, and the adults can do their thing. I believe I will be cracking open a well deserved beer at 8:01! Usually I'm on top of things, but this year I just seem to be lacking. It wasn't until 2 days ago I realized I didn't have a birthday cake ordered for Danny. I have nothing bought for his party! After school today, Danny and I are going to order his cake and start buying some party things. Danny wants to make treat bags from brown paper lunch bags. I mentioned using my Cricut, but he wants to color them. I should just let him do it, less for me, but I don't know. I get anal over things like that. Danny invited 20 kids, we've only had 4 rsvp! The day to rsvp is the 31st. I hope we start getting phone calls!
Sunday is a very big day for me. Kelly invited us to her housing warming/grad party! For anyone who reads this and doesn't know, Kelly is my daughter. I gave her up for adoption. I had her the day before my 16th birthday. Five years ago I looked for her, and found her. She wanted to meet. We have only lived about 20 minutes apart for all of these years! Our first year together was great, but then it faded. I never pushed Kelly into anything, the ball was always in her court. I was upset over the fact that we didn't talk anymore and didn't understand why, but I had to take comfort in the fact that she has had a wonderful life so far, great parents and a good head on her shoulders. I got to meet her, I had a face, a very beautiful face, I had a voice after 20 years. We started talking again this February. We have kept in touch pretty regularly. Kelly received her Masters in May in counseling. She is working at a local hospital as a drug/alcohol therapist. Her and her fiance' bought a house and closed on it in March. They are planning a December 2010 wedding. Anyway, Kelly invited us and I am so nervous! Her whole family is going to be there! I've met her mom and dad, they are very nice people, but the rest of the family I have not! I'm so afraid that I will not be liked, or they will think that I didn't want Kelly and just threw her away, which is so far from the truth. I'm just very nervous. The first meeting of everyone, I'll be known as the birth mother. After time, they will still know I'm her birth mother, but hopefully they will just know me as Sher. I believe that by Kelly inviting us to her party, she is taking a big step towards the future. Hopefully our relationship will continue.
Well, my kitchen floor is going to scrub itself, so I should get working on that. If I get a chance later, I will blog some more!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's a Hockey Night In Pittsburgh!!!!

I made these for my niece Lauren's 18th birthday. Lauren is a Little Mermaid fanatic! She really loved them. I don't think they turned out too badly. I really wish I had an "E" instead of the baby bug. The Disney cartridges cut easier at bigger sizes. The largest I can cut is 5-1/2". I can not believe Lauren is 18! Graduating High School in a few weeks, then off to college in the fall. Where does the time go? I don't want to go there. I'll get sad.

I feel bad I haven't kept up on my blog. I've been busy doing different things. After this weekend I have to get busy baking cookies for Lauren's graduation party and planning Danny's 8th birthday. I also can not believe that my little man is going to be 8! I mailed Danny's birthday party invitations yesterday (it was easier than him passing them out) and we've had one rsvp so far. This party should be interesting, I've never combined the kids party with the adult party. Hopefully it works out.

The Pens are winning 4 - 3 at the moment. Every game that I sit down to watch, they lose. If I have the game on and am doing different things like my Cricut or working on the computer they win. I told that to my husband tonight and he insisted that I go do something on the computer. I proved my point, we were losing, as soon as I started doing things over here, we started winning.

I'm going to get Danny's breathing treatment ready now. We are a little behind tonight. Danny has a horrible cough, the poor kid didn't sleep at all Sunday night. I took him to the doctor on Monday. We are doing breathing treatments and nose spray. I don't think it is a cold, the doctor doesn't think it is a cold, I believe it is allergy induced asthma. Seems like he gets this every year at this time.

I'll try to write more tomorrow, but it is going to be a busy day with packing and all.

It's Beautiful Outside and I'm stuck inside

I feel so bad I have neglected my blog. I've been a little busy. I think about updating every day and what I'm going to blog about, but then the day and night have gone by and its time to go to bed. Again, I'm doing this illegally at work. We do not have anything going on. It is going to be a long, long day. After work I have to go grocery shopping for the weekend. Holiday weekend - Yee haw! The weather is supposed to be beautiful. It is fish for free day in Pennsylvania on Saturday. We'll be fishing at the river. Its nice because I don't have the extra cash right now to get a fishing license.
We are having Danny's kid birthday party the same day as his family party. The kids will be coming an hour earlier. The kid party will then fall in with the grown up party. The kids will get picked up by 8:00. I have to come up with party games now. Danny invited a total of 20 kids. We'll see how many come.
I do have to do some work now. Hopefully I can blog more later.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I don't want to work...

It is beautiful outside and I do not want to be at work. I'm doing this illegally at the moment. I can not believe that I haven't updated my blog in over a week. I apologize.
I don't have a weight in to talk about this week. The place where we go holds elections, therefore, people were voting and a meeting could not be held. Oh well. I hope I haven't gained. I do have to admit that I have been careless with my points and have eaten like total crap for the past 5 days. I did start to get back on track last night with dinner. Hopefully next week I will hit my 20 pound mark. I will be so excited!
My niece's 18th birthday party was on Saturday. 40+ friends attended. Lauren had a great day. The party was very nice and the kids were nice. I don't think I would want to go back and relive teen years. Now late teen and early 20's, I'm there, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Even if I did suffer 2 extreme heartaches. I really do have to do some of my work now. I'll write more later.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Happy! Weigh In Update

Just a quick update. My weigh in was very good tonight! I'm happy! I lost 2.2 pounds for a total of 18.6! 20 pounds isn't too far off! I have a feeling that next week's weigh in will be even or a slight gain. I seem to do that. Lose good one week, small gain following week. We are going to Kennywood on Father's Day and it is looking like I may have 25 pounds off of me by then! I told my leader, Diane, that I am going to be another one of her 100 pound loss success stories. She looked at me, smiled and said, "Sharon you can do it, you are going to do it, and I'm proud of you." I thanked her and told her that I will do it. Next week there isn't a meeting where we go because of it being elections, the church holds the elections in the basement. So...either I go to a meeting in Portersville on Monday night, which is 1 day earlier than usual weigh in, and Helen (the old biddy that I can not stand from previous weight loss attempts) is the leader at that meeting. If I lost 1.4 pounds and hit 20 pounds, I don't want to share it with Helen, I want to share it with Diane. OR I just go to the Weight Watchers in Cranberry and get weighed during lunch because they have weigh in all day. Oh well, I have a week to think about it.

I just wanted to give an update....
I have a couple of minutes before my other addiction comes on, "Deadliest Catch." I love that show! On weekends when there is a marathon, I'm in heaven! I just love Edgar Hanson!

It's Tuesday and that means Weight Watchers

I haven't been on here for a few days. While I have a couple of minutes I thought I'd just blog away. This is the card I made for my sister for Mother's Day. I have to say that the Pooh & Friends Cartridge is a lot easier to work with than Disney's Dreams Come True. I'm still battling on creating Ariel for my niece's b-day card. I also think I need the Cricut Expression and it would make my life a lot easier.

Today is Weigh In day at Weight Watchers. I'm not expecting anything major. 3.6 pounds would be great and I would be at a 20 pound loss, but I know that isn't going to happen.

A. I still love to eat and

B. Mother nature has paid me a visit.

It is what it is and I can not do anything about it. I'll update later on how my weigh in and meeting went.

Congratulations to Jennifer Pellegrino for winning the BBTB contest! Her work is just absolutely beautiful. Hopefully Jennifer is still following this. I tried and tried to become a follower of her blog yesterday and I was having major issues with it. I will try again later this week to join hers. Visit the Bitten By the Bug blog and click on the PeggyLovesVintage Contest or contest winners. Just beautiful - incredible. I wish I had 1/10th of the talent Jennifer has!

Well, this is all for now. My husband should be home soon. Oh by the way, he still isn't talking to me. My Mother's Day weekend with him sucked! Dan is still ragged off because I spent money on lunch with my BFF on Friday. GROW UP!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I haven't updated for a while, so this may be quite lengthy. I was up at 6:30 am. Quite early for a Saturday. My guys are out turkey hunting. For my son's sake I hope they get one, Danny will be thrilled. However, I have no idea what to do with it and really don't want to cook a turkey dinner in the near future. I should know what to do with it being that my dad was one of the best hunters I have ever known. If it weren't for my dad hunting and bagging game, there were times growing up that we probably wouldn't have had meat on the table. Being that my dad worked construction and every year he would get laid off in October and not go back to work until spring.
Yesterday was Friday. I'm off on Friday's. I didn't feel like doing anything at all. I had grocery shopping to do, which depresses me. I'm amazed at how the cost of groceries goes up each week! Anyway, I remembered my BFF Lisa was off, so I called her and asked if she wanted to do lunch. We met around 10:00, walked through Big Lots for a while, then went to Eat-n-Park. Lisa and I hadn't seen each other since I don't know when, basically LIFE HAPPENS. I can not remember when I've had so much on my schedule. Lisa and I enjoyed a leisurely lunch. It was so nice, if nice is even the word I should use to describe it. Our kids weren't there to keep interrupting, our husbands weren't there with their attitudes, it was just us. Lis and Sher. I wasn't a mom, I wasn't a wife, I was me. I haven't felt like me in such a long time. Something my husband just does not understand. Remember, he can not think outside of the box. I felt re-energized afterwards. Of course after I got home and Dan found out I ate lunch out, he gave me major attitude and didn't talk to me for the rest of the night. Seems as though he doesn't like it when I'm happy, he feels the need to burst my bubble every time.
Lisa's son went to his prom yesterday. Oh my! Lee looked so handsome. What a kid! Where has the time gone? Graduating high school and off to college in August. I'm totally dumbfounded by it. Lisa emailed me prom pics last night and I cried. I'm tearing up just thinking about it now. I've known Lee since he was in the womb. I used to change his diapers, he puked in my hair when he was a baby! My niece Lauren turns 18 this week. My sister and I are having an 18th birthday party for her next Saturday. Lauren only invited 85 of her closest friends! Lauren's prom was a couple of weeks ago. I went to her friends house to take pictures. After a while I had to leave. I was going to start bawling! I was looking at this beautiful young woman standing in front of me wondering where the time has gone. Lauren has gone from this bald, big blue eyed baby to this gorgeous young woman with long blond curly hair. My baby will be 8 in a month! 8! Danny is losing his baby-ness and gaining his independence. It is so hard to let go. Danny doesn't feel the need to hold my hand when in parking lots, he gives me the quickest kiss at the bus stop for fear of someone seeing. Just not to long ago, he would hug and hug me and wouldn't want to let go of me before getting on the bus. I guess Stevie Nicks sums it up the best, "Children get older and I'm getting older too." - Landslide
I should have listen to the advice of elders growing up. Slow down, take you time, time goes so fast. Enjoy your kids to the max, they don't stay babies forever, don't wish away time. Geez had I known then what I know now... Cricut broke last night. I'm a little upset over it. I shouldn't say that it is broken, it will still cut, but the hinge/gear thing broke that lifts up the cover. My husband could care less. Should I expect anything different? My son tried to console me all evening. I have to open the cover myself, the part with the display screen. Well, maybe I can talk to my mom and she'll get me the Expression for Christmas. Yes, my mom spoils me! Speaking of mom's tomorrow is Mother's Day. I can predict my Mother's Day, I will cook our breakfast only because my husband will use my being on Weight Watchers as a cop out. I make breakfast every Sunday so you would think by now he would know what to cook, I've been doing it for 11 weeks. I have turkey bacon and turkey sausage in the fridge just waiting... I would like to spend time with my mom, after all, it is Mother's Day! Dan doesn't understand that. My mom will not be here forever, so while she is here, I want to spend all of the time that I can with her. I want Danny to have memories of the times he and his Nana shared. To me it is not a big deal to be catered to. I would much rather give to others than have others give to me. Just cook me breakfast and I'll be happy. Danny gave me my Mother's Day gift yesterday when he got home from school. He planted a pansy in a little Terra cotta pot that he decorated with tissue paper and modge podge. He was so proud! I love it! I told Danny that I will plant my pansy in the flower garden. Danny was so excited that I loved it.
I'm hoping to finish Lauren's birthday present that I'm making today. I bought a chipboard purse at Michael's, and on each page will be a letter from her name, a word using that letter that describes her and some little memory of her that I have. I started it last night. I also have to go out and find something for my mom for Mother's Day. There are 2 greenhouses I'm going to go to. I would like to get her a hanging basket or something of the sort, or maybe a gift card and she can use it to pick out her flowers for her garden.
I apologize for writing a novel here. But this is very therapeutic for me. I can type my thoughts at random instead of keeping them inside. I'm off to get a shower now. I'll post again later on or tomorrow at some point.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BBTB Beyond Birthdays Challenge

I decided to play along with the BBTB Challenge this week. I know I have this posted on here already, but wanted to repost it for the challenge. This card came really easy for me. I had a lot of fun creating it and can not to participate again.


I finally got there! I reached my 15 pound mark and am actually 1.4 pounds over it! I've lost 16.4 pounds so far! I'm so excited and so happy! It has taken me a total of 10 weeks to do it. This is going to be a long process, but I'm in for the whole ride! 20 pounds doesn't seem so out of reach now! My sister is kicking butt! She is now just shy of 22 pounds! She even was in Washington DC for the weekend with her daughter and the high school band and she managed to lose 2 pounds! My mom finally reached her 5 pound mark and was thrilled to receive a 5 pound star! I do not feel as though I'm missing out on food. If I want to, I can eat it, I am now making the better choices and not eating it. I am aware of what I'm putting in. I'm not saying that on one of these trips to our camp I'm not going to get a Moose Tracks cone at the Pale Whale, I might, I might not, but if I do, I won't get a double cone, I'll get a single. (Moose Tracks is my downfall!)
I just wanted to share my exciting news with whomever is reading this!

If you have checked into my blog, please sign in!

Have a great night everyone!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just Chillin

For whatever reason, my blog is all confused tonight. Maybe its just me that is confused. Anyway here are the other cards I made for Danny's teacher. He is giving her a set of 4 note cards for Teacher Appreciation Day. Also is a photo of how Mrs. B's gift was wrapped. Simple is best!

OK, this is the 2nd time around for doing this post tonight. I'm having some kind of technical difficulty. I made cards tonight. Dan didn't seem to mind. He even helped Danny with his shower.

I'm going to try to post the card I made for Mother's Day for my mom. I played along with the BBTB Challenge this week. Use the Beyond Birthdays cartridge, using 2 cuts, the "MOM" and the Vase w/Flowers. I like how it turned out. I'm not worried about my mom seeing it. She doesn't know I have a blog and if she did, she wouldn't know how to get to it. (I love her!)

Let's try posting the picture again... See the picture above. Someday I will figure this out.

I finally posted all of my pictures, but they aren't in the order I wanted them to be in. Sorry for all of the confusion.
I'm loving the blog and I'm loving taking pictures of my creations and posting them for all to see. (Like I have a huge following!)
The Pens lost tonight, 4 - 3, they are down 2 in the series. Hopefully when they bring it home on Wednesday they will pull off a win. I'm not liking how this series is going with the Capitals. Oh well, nothing much we can do about it.
Our trip to camp was nice yesterday. Danny didn't want to leave. We were only there for a few hours. It will nice to spend a weekend up there. We are going to camp for our vacation (again) this year. Last year we had a good time. I really had doubts on how I was going to last for a week, but we kept busy, it was peaceful, a lot of fun and went fast. I'm looking forward to it.
Danny is in bed, and Dan just went to bed. Just me all alone. I'm liking it. I will be going to bed soon. The alarm clock goes off earlier and earlier every morning.
Bre (my niece - aka - Banana) called me tonight. We only talked for a little bit because I had to finish my cards. I miss her so much. We talk on the phone, but its just not the same. She is way up in New York. Banana did tell me that she is moving back home for the year that Josh is deployed. I'm very happy about that. I didn't like the idea of her being up there by herself. Especially during the winter. We get inches of snow, in Watertown they get feet! Josh leaves in October I believe. This will be his 3rd deployment! When will it end? Bring the guys home!
I'm off to bed now. I apologize for the whole confusing post tonight. Weight Watchers tomorrow...will I hit my 15 pound mark? Stay tuned to this bat channel....

Monday, Monday May 4, 2009

Good Morning - I have no idea who I'm wishing a good morning to, but hey...

So far Danny is behaving and getting ready for school. We just got done watching the "Best Day Ever" Episode from Spongebob. We also sang the "Best Day Ever" song. These things are what memories are made of.

I'm hoping to plant my flowers that I bought last week. I bought perennials. I'm tired of planting flowers over and over again. Hopefully the weather will hold out. Supposed to rain all week.

Well, have to finish getting ready for work....

GO PENS!!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Night - May 2nd

This is the card I made for Danny's teacher. I think it turned out cute. A little abstract maybe? I'm not sure if that is the word I'm looking for. The a picture of the card set I made for Mrs. B is below. I messed up the card order when I put them on.

I made this graduation card for Kelly. The University's colors are green and white. I can not believe that she received her Masters today. I can not believe that I am old enough to have a daughter that received her Masters! I'll get into the Kelly story later.

Teacher Appreciation Day is on Tuesday, May 5th. I made Danny's teacher a set of these cards. Mrs. B loves frogs! I thought they turned out cute. I didn't use my Cricut on this one (this time) because I had the pieces cut already.
My day today was pretty uneventful. The weather was nice, even if it was a little chilly. At least it didn't rain like the forecasters predicted. I'm sure it will pour tomorrow. We are taking a ride to our camp to open it up for the season. I'm looking forward to it, but dreading it also. We haven't been up there since September. I'm hoping everything is OK and no damage from the winter weather. I'm also hoping there weren't any mice camping inside during the winter. I'll start cleaning and bleaching everything and we should be good to go when we spend our first weekend this year up there.
Lunch with my mom was nice. The food was good. I'm glad my mom came for lunch. The times with my mom I cherish. The woman can drive me nuts at times, but I love her and wouldn't trade her for the world. I was having a bad dad morning this morning. I miss him so much. If I could turn back time... You know those emails that go around and ask all kinds of questions that you have to answer about yourself, well one of those questions are sometimes, "If there is anyone you could sit down and have dinner with - who would it be and why?" My answer would definitely be my dad. I miss him so much, there is so much to say, so much that I didn't say that I wish I would have. At times I can not hear his voice anymore and that bothers me. My dad used to hum a little tune, I can hear it in my head, but no matter how hard I try, I can not hum it out loud. I wish Danny would have been able to spend more time with my dad. I know Danny can not remember him, but I do not let my dad's memory fade away with Danny. Even though Danny was a baby when he died, Danny is getting to know his pap through me and my stories. Enough before I start to bawl like a baby.
Our dinner tonite was from the grill. I do the grilling. Most men are the grill masters of their homes. Not here! I am the grill master. It's a charcoal grill and I do the cleaning, the filling, the lighting and the grilling. We had burgers and corn on the cob. It was yummy. There is nothing better than a grilled burger with cheese, lettuce and tomato. Tastes like summer.
I am kind of kicking around the thoughts selling my goods at craft shows this fall. If I decide to, I really need to get busy working on things. I would like to make cards along with pre-made scrapbook pages and pre-made scrapbooks. I made a baby boy scrapbook for my friend's baby shower last weekend. Absolutely beautiful! I was so proud of myself and my work. I'm regretting not taking pictures of the pages.
Danny was pretty well behaved today. I didn't get a headache from him today. Danny decided that he wanted to try to remove the camo makeup from his face by himself. He didn't tell me or his dad he wanted off, so Danny got a roll of masking tape and taped up his face. He ripped the tape off! You could imagine his face! Beet red! Marks all over it. The redness did go away thankfully. I only used a 1/2 of a jar of Vaseline to remove most of it, the bar of dial soap in the shower did the rest.
I'm going to call it a night. I'm tired.

It's Saturday

Ahhh.... it's Saturday morning. I was up early and somewhat cleaned my disaster of a house. My husband is out shopping and my son is a muddy mess out in the yard. Last time I checked, Danny's face was covered with camo hunting "make up." Great - its going to take a 1/2 of a jar of vaseline to get it off. I'm waiting for a pot of water to boil to make pasta for part of the lunch I am making for me and my mom. I'm making a crabmeat pasta salad along with a spinach, tomato and cucumber salad. Somethings up with me because I've been on a spinach kick.

Me, my mom and sister are all doing weight watchers. My sister and I joined 10 weeks ago. I've lost almost 15 pounds, my sister however, is kicking some major butt. She has lost almost 20. She had reached her 10% goal and it is noticeable. I'm glad we are doing it together. My mom joined a few weeks ago and has lost just under 5 pounds. I am waiting for the weight watchers points/recipe builder to download so I can figure out the points for our lunch. 15 pounds is my first goal, followed by 30 for the second, then 45 etc... I have a lot to lose! And it is going to take a long time. I've decided that this is for life. I NEED to do this for myself first. I don't think I have ever done anything for myself before. I feel I am a very unselfish person, but my husband on the other hand says I am the most selfish person he has ever met. I believe he feels that way because of his insecurities in life and his inability to be able to give freely and not expect anything in return. Don't get me wrong, I love him dearly, I would be lost without him, but he can not see outside the box, literally! very big first goal is 100 pounds. I have 85 more to go. We'll see what happens after that.

I'm off to start lunch now. Pens play in 2 hours and 14 minutes! Sid the Kid will be out on the ice. I just love him! GO PENS!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday - Friday

I made my own blog today. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it. My life is rather boring and I really can not see anyone interested in reading what I have to say. I woke up at 6:00 am, got a shower and dressed. Got my son ready for school, took him to the bus stop, came home, packed a gift to mail at the post office and went shopping for a while. Summer clothes for my Danny, then grocery shopping. I called my mom and asked her if she would like to come over and have lunch before she went to work. I made us a spinach strawberry salad and chicken stir fry. She is also coming for lunch tomorrow.

After my guys got home from work and school, they rested a bit, then we went to Eat-n-Park for dinner. I ordered the Nantucket Cod which is something new for me. It was really good. Our son however was very bad. Don't want to go there, I'm still very upset by the whole thing.

The guys are playing Play Station and I'm sitting here typing away still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with this blog. I'll talk it over with my BFF Lisa, she'll advise me what to do.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Stanley Cup Playoffs! The Pen vs. The Capitals. The game is early, 1:00 pm. LET'S GO PENS!!!! Sidney Crosby...hmmm.... those lips of his! I know, I'm old enough to be his mother!

Someone very special to me graduates from college tomorrow too. Kelly will be getting her masters in psychology. She is already working as a drug/alcohol therapist in a hospital. I'm very proud of her!

Well, not much more to say. Hopefully I can figure out how to put pictures of my cards on here for all to see...

Good Night...
My very first attempt at creating a blog. I have no idea how I'm going to use this, but I do think after a while it will be fun. I'm surprised at how little time it took to do this.

I have a few more minutes before I have to go get my baby from the bus stop. I'm going to play around on here.