Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

Ahhh, it's Sunday {Big Sigh} If there would be a day in the year that I could skip, it would be February 19th. Today is the 9 year anniversary of my dad's passing. I miss him so much. At times I forget he's not here, I want to tell him something, then I remember. It is really hard with Danny and trying to explain. He's young and doesn't understand, but I'm an adult and I don't understand. My dad was taken way too young. Danny was only 18 months when he passed. Danny didn't get a chance to know his Pap. The memories he holds are only those of the ones I've told him over the years....  O.k., time to move on.
For Valentine's Day, I created this for Danny to use as his Valentine Box. He really liked it, but being the age that he is, he was a little embarrassed to take it on the bus with him, so I ended up driving him to school. The kids in his classroom just looked at it and said, "Spongebob? Really?" I'm 43 and I love Spongebob! I've come to realize that there are a lot of kids out there in this world that I just do not like. The way they act and speak? Really? Do their parents not teach them manners? Respect of others?
I think Spongebob is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
The following pics are from a few more challenges. (I am so horrible at keeping my blog up to date! I really have to work on that!)
Over at the fantabulous Crafting By Designs, the wonderful Design Team has come up with these:
JUST ONE LAYER - Just like it says, one layer, no layers and layers, just one....embellies are allowed. I stuck to just one layer.
I dug out my light box and my stencils. Then I colored with
chalk. I'm not happy with the colors - a little too green,
but that is something I am going to work on.

I also made this one and changed the sentiment.
I like it with just the plain white embossing too. This
challenge was brought to us by the ever so talented Rene.

Now we have the Year In Cards Challenge,
One Versatile Sketch.
The lovely Cindy provided the sketch.

And this is what I came up with:

Getting Ready for Christmas:  (I'm so happy we are doing this twice a month! I will not be stressing about getting my cards made this year!)
Our ever so talented, wonderful creator of CBD and the
one that challenges me the most, Doris, came up
with this one.


  1. Sharon - I know this is an old post - I'm trying to catch up on the CBD's members blogs - your post made me reflect on my year - this March 11th and losing my Dad after being sick for so many years. I can still feel the pain in your words and I'm so sorry. There is nothing like a Daddy's Girl and thats what I was and it seems you were too. Thank you for sharing this with everyone - it touched my heart. :)

  2. Angie, I'm glad you are feeling well enough to catch up on Blogs. My is so so so far behind. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad. Some days are better than others. I am the youngest of 3. My sister is the oldest, my brother in the middle. My sister and I were my Dad's "Girls." We did no wrong in his eyes. He loved us (all) more than anything in the world. My sister and I feel lost. My brother is our Mom's boy. Not that our Mom loves him more, that feeling from our dad just isn't there anymore. I miss being one of his girls.
    I hope you will popping in more at CDB. I am so thankful for Doris pushing me and believing in me. Never did I think when you invited me I would be on the DT and I am! I love it and I love the friendships I've made along the way.