Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've Neglected My Blog!!!

I'm still having problems trying to figure out how
to put pictures on this thing. Forgive my disaster!
These are the 3 pictures I have chosen to enter
in the local fair. Problem is, I can only enter one in the Black & White People category. I'm not sure which one is best. I won 2nd place last year. (Some kind of error message is coming up saying that I may not be able to publish this blog. Oh well, I'll be bold and try it anyway!) If anyone would like to leave their suggestion on which photo they like the best, I'll consider it, because I just can not decide. I like the 1st one and the last one. These pics were from a couple of years ago, why can't children stay young forever?

I've really neglected my blog. I feel so bad. This picture is of Kelly and Danny. I gave Kelly up for adoption 25 years ago. We were reunited in 2004. This picture is from Kelly's graduation/house warming party. Kelly received her Master's in counseling and is working in a local hospital as a drug/alcohol therapist. I was so nerved out about going to her party because I was going to finally meet the rest of her family and her fiance'. After I got home that night, I realized that there was no need to be in that panic state I had put myself in. At one point during the party, me, Kelly, her mom and grandma were all standing in her kitchen talking. I took a moment to myself and soaked it all in. It was so cool. Something that I thought that never would have happened did. I am so grateful for the family that Kelly received. They are wonderful people. When I see Kelly and think of everything she has accomplished, I am reassured that the decision I made 25 years ago was the right one.
As for weight watchers....ugh....I'm doing it, it is going slow, but I'm doing it. I didn't reach my goal of 25 pounds lost by Father's Day, but oh well. I'm at 23 pounds right now. I had gained a total of 1.8 pounds. I slacked and it showed. Back on track now. 25 pounds is my current goal, with 30/32 pounds for summer. Some of my clothes are hanging on me, but the funds aren't there right now to buy new. I did buy 3 new shirts with the help of my niece Bre. I do know I will need new pants for fall. I can get by with the summer clothes I have, but I think my warmer clothes are going to be too big. I can always try to dryer trick. All of my clothes that I used to hang to dry, can probably go in the dryer and I won't have to worry about them shrinking and not fitting me.
I really feel bad about neglecting my blog. I enjoy doing it. Time hasn't been too sparing lately. We have been so busy. We do not have a free weekend until the first weekend of August. The weather is hot and the basement is muggy where all of my craft stuff is, so I haven't created in a while. I'm missing that too! I would also like to enter a couple of scrapbook pages and cards in the fair. I'm not in it to win, I think it is fun. Last year when I entered photos, I did it for a shits and giggles type of thing. I was shocked when we (my BFF, her kids and Danny) went to the fair and there was a 2nd place ribbon hanging on my photo of Danny! My whole total winning for 2nd place was $3! Can't retire off of that, but it was fun!
I hope my followers are still following. I really do feel bad. We'll I'm off to check the local radar now, looks like a storm is rolling in. Have a great day everyone!

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