Sunday, June 26, 2011

We better get 2, our glasses are big.

Wow! I know I say it every time I go on my blog to post. I really do feel bad for neglecting it, but life is crazy, life can get in the way of life. So many things have been going on. What I thought was going to turn into a horrible weekend, turned into an awesome because of my bff. My guys went away....I had a baby shower to go to with my in-laws, but on the interstate my car started acting up. I was so afraid of breaking down, so I bailed on the shower, turned around, and thankfully made it home. Leaving me home all alone with no car .......My bff (who is having car problems too) was able to get her car back early and saved the day. YAY! We had an excellent afternoon/evening together. I made potato salad, we went out and bought steaks and wine. We drank 1-1/2 huge bottles of wine, well our glasses were pretty big. Salad from the greens in my garden, onions, mushrooms. The food was good, very good. BUT the company was AWESOME! I love my bff. We have been bff's since the age of 7. We have crossed the line, no longer are we friends, we are sisters. I thank God for her every day. In all reality, I really do not know what I would do if Lisa was not in my life.
My guys called, they are on their way home, I best shower and finish a little odds & ends. I'm hoping today I can finish my altered item for The Outlawz Saturday Paper Ala Mode challenge.
As always, thanks for stopping by. Say hi and let me know you were here.

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