Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't know how I did it, I just did....

Today is Tuesday. Weight watchers.....ugh..... I've been going to Weight Watchers for 2 years now. I had a lot of high hopes for myself. I did really well, losing 35 pounds until I had a procedure done in January 2010. I just keep gaining and gaining and gaining. I have gained 27 pounds of the 35 I had lost. Very frustrating. I am having health issues, my primary doctor just thinks I'm fat. I eat too much, doesn't listen to me that I am counting my points, I am following the plan, but the weight keeps coming back. I am currently seeing a neurologist because I have neuropathy. I cannot, but can feel my feet if that makes sense. I also have tons of swelling. Friday was blood work day. They took 8 tubes! 8!! Never in my life have I ever had 8 tubes of blood taken at one time, the nurse asked me how I was doing, I answered fine, said "good" and handed me the dreaded cup and pointed me to the bathroom. After my deposit was made, I was greeted by yet another nurse who escorted me to the x-ray room....{heavy sigh} Now I have to wait until July 7th for my neurology appointment. The decision on whether I like my neurologist hasn't been made. Picture a female version of Andy Warhol.
Well anyway, I went to WW tonight. I was not staying for the meeting. Reluctantly stepped on the scale only for the receptionist to tell me what a GREAT JOB! I did. Somehow I managed to lose 4 pounds and I have no idea how! Did whatever this is in my body decide to quit playing mean tricks on me? Did it decide to cooperate and realize that it can let go of the fat? I want to live. I just don't want to exist. I want to move. I want to play. I want to enjoy life damn it! Not just function in it.

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