Monday, August 29, 2011

Merry Christmas in August! CCAYR

I'm glad August has 31 days. I really wanted to make cards for CCAYR (Christmas Cards All Year Round) this month. The challenge seemed really fun. Pick 4 items out of a list the ladies provided. Well the month of August has flown right on by and I realized tonight as I was washing the dinner dishes, I only had 2 days left to create and post. Tomorrow I'm busy, so I'm down to one day. I really wanted to straighten up the house a bit. Holiday weekend coming up. School starts next week. Our dryer broke, so I'm sure there will be a trip to the laundry mat this week (ewww....)  I looked over the list, wrote down the items that I might use and off I went. I sat at my desk for 20 minutes completely dumbfounded. Being over confident I thought it would be a breeze... My creative energy started flowing and these are the cards I came up with. I'm not exactly thrilled with them, but they'll do.
Please let me know you stopped by. I love reading comments. I have 10 followers and would love to have more. (hint-hint)  Have a great night!
Items Used:  Striped paper, textured paper, metal embellishments
inking and a stamp

Items used:  Metal Embellishments, ribbon,
rub-on sentiment and inking

Items Used:  A Stamp (Heat Embossed - Texture)
Ribbon, inking and metal embellishments

Items Used:  Striped Paper, Alpha Stickers, Inking
Stamp (heat embossed - texture)

Items Used:  Metal Embellishments, Ribbon
Stamp and inking


  1. Hi Sharon, These are so cute! I especially love the last one with the reindeers and sled, so elegant. Well, I love the one with the snowcouple and hearts too. Oh darn, they are all just so cute I can't pick a favorite...LOL Thanks sweetie for joining us at CCAYR and we sure look forward to seeing you back each month. "Hugs" Carol

  2. These are beautiful! I also love the reindeer and Santa at the end and the Joy card...oh heck they are all lively-some elegant and others whimsical. know I am working on my cards and i only have one day left! Yikes!

  3. 5 really lovely cards there. Well Done for getting on with the xmas card stash!! Thanks for joining us at CCAYR and hope to see you back again for Septembers challenge. x

  4. Thank you so much ladies for your wonderful comments. I really appreciate them.