Sunday, January 27, 2013

A letter to my friend

Today's blog post is 2 part. The first part, posting a card that I made today. Almost 3 weeks ago my friend and her husband lost 2 precious babies. Since then I haven't been able to play with paper. I've sat at my desk and just stared. Stared at the paper, stared at the wall...I looked through my paper and found the papers and embellishments I used when I made Liam's very first scrapbook, before he was even born. I found the remnants of the paper I used to make Declan's brag book after he was born. Then I cried.
Yesterday, when visiting with my friend, she handed me a page cover filled with various scrapbook items she found in her house. When she gave them to me, I thanked her, looked at her and honestly told her that I've been too sad to create. I thought I could make Valentine's for the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary through the "I Feel The Love Project." Sadly I was not able. Today I was determined to create a card. I sat at my desk. Nothing...Looked through my paper...Nothing. Thought of who to make a card for...Nothing. I lifted a piece of paper and underneath it was a little pack of gray chipboard doves. I bought the doves at Michael's last week, they were in the clearance bin for .10. I opened the pack and held them. I thought of my friend. How I want her to find peace. I thought of Liam and Declan...Love. And this is what I came up with:
And now the Part 2 of this post.

A Letter to My Friend

If I could take away your sorrow
I would
If I could hug all the tears away
I would
If I could patch the deep hole in your soul
I would
If I could give you peace and joy in the midst of pain
For just a moment
I would
I want let you know how much I love you
And am praying for you
And thinking of you constantly
And want to be there for you
Not just now but for always

Oh Elisbeth I haven't had the words. Funny huh? Me with no words. You know. This is the best I could do. You amaze me every day. You have found that strength that is buried deep inside of every Mother. The strength that you don't even know is there until it is needed. You know I love your boys. I am so thankful and forever grateful that I was able to be in their lives and them in mine. Thank you for sharing them with me. 
I love you Miss Lisbeth.

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  1. So proud of you Sharon! You dug down deep and took that first step to climbing out of this deep hole of sorrow, and you did it by doing something so full of love for Elizabeth. Gorgeous project!! {{HUGS}} Doris