Friday, March 1, 2013

These are a few of My (Granma's) Favorite Things

A few weeks ago I blogged about my Granpap Seebacher. Well today I am going to blog about my Granma Seebacher. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of memories, she passed away when I was 5. When I was 4, she became bed ridden. In the blog about Granpap, I told of the root cellar and how Granma would take me in there. On the shelves were tins, tins filled with goodies, tins filled with buttons (maybe that is where my button addiction comes from) and of course those jellied candies that were shaped like fruit slices.
Every Sunday was dinner at Granma and Granpap's. Dinner was served at noon. Usually Granma cooked chicken. Understandably so, my Granpap and his brother's had a poultry store on the South Side of Pittsburgh, "Seebacher's Poultry." My Granma would be in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Always in a dress and always with an apron on. I don't think I can ever remember seeing my Granma wearing a pair of pants. She wore dresses, all of the time. From what I can remember she was a fabulous cook and baker. She taught my mom how to bake apple pie. (And just let me tell ya, my mom's apple pie is the best apple pie on earth!) One thing my Granma used to bake was Apple Strudel, it was delicious! If any Seebacher family members are reading this and have the recipe or KNOW a family member that has the recipe, please ask them for it. I'm such a nostalgic person and family traditions are important to me. There are some who will never share a recipe, if they aren't shared, how can they be passed down through the family. Wouldn't it bring joy knowing that your Mom's recipe, that she got from her Mom is being passed down through the generations?
After my Granpap passed away, his children went in to clean out the house. My dad brought these things home. Kitchen items that were my Granma's. My mom gave them to me. Someday when my kitchen is finally remodeled, I will proudly hang them the bulkhead. The colander is probably the biggest colander I have ever seen. When cooking for 10 every day, you really do need big things. I'm not sure exactly what the tools are on the left and right side. I believe the one on the left has something to do with pastry dough and the one on the right - a noodle maker. Of course the 2nd from the left is a knife sharpener, then the hand held beaters. I have a set of the green glasses, but I don't use them. They are on the top shelf in my kitchen cabinet. I don't want to use them because I am afraid of them getting broke.
I remember going to Granma's and on occasion she would take me in the attic. The attic was full of wonder. At one time, it was the bedroom for my dad and his brother's. I can remember different things I would see. An old catcher's mask, a few ball gloves, old bed springs and pictures. (This is coming from a memory of a 3 or 4 year old) My sister and I got to spend the weekend with Granma and Granpap. We slept in the bedroom to the right of the stairs on the 3rd floor. I can remember the big double bed, whiter than white sheets and the pillow cases that were embroidered, (by my Granma.) Granma let us sleep with radio on. I can remember her tucking us in at night and waking us up in the morning. When she became bed ridden, her daughter's and daughter in-laws took turns during the week to help take care of her. Granma's hospital bed was set up in the living room on the 2nd floor. I can remember going in with my mom, sitting on the living room floor watching Captain Pitt on TV. Granma would hint around about how she would like her hair brushed and I would climb onto her bed and brush her hair. After I was done playing beauty shop, we would play Crazy 8's or War. One thing about being born into the Seebacher family, as soon as you could walk and talk, you were old enough to learn how to play cards. I think all of the grandkids knew how to play 31 by the time they were 5. Sometimes my mom would have to go the drug store to pick something up, Granma would give me money for a popsicle and up Good Lane we trekked. I would get to push the Walk button and we would wait. We'd cross in front of St. Theresa's old church, turn left and walk to Lincoln Pharmacy.
I've lost track at how many cousin's I have. I'm sure if I sat down I could write them all down. I know there are at least 24 or 25 Seebacher Grandkids. I've been told all of my life that out of all of the Grandkids, I am the only one the looks like my Granma Seebacher. My personality if like her's too. I've never seen photos of my Granma when she was younger, so for now I'll just take everyone's word. Maybe someday when I'm in my 60's, I'll look into the mirror and see my Granma's eyes looking back at me and I'll just smile.

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