Monday, March 19, 2012

The Outlawz - Paper ala Mode - Go Green

Hello ~
I've been a little busy and haven't played with paper much over the past week...I miss it. Well when checking on the challenges going on over at The Outlawz, Saturday's Paper ala Mode just jumped out at me. Go Green. Create something by using a recycled item and use a touch of green.
My niece Lauren who is a junior in college has been accepted into the program that will allow her to student teach in Ireland! My little Princess Lauren is going to Ireland! We are so very proud of her. She will be there for 6 to 8 weeks in the fall, only to return and graduate in a few days, a semester early I might add.
I wanted to make her something for her trip. I had been saving this cardboard canister that held Christmas candy. My husband wanted to throw it away months ago, but I wouldn't let him. I knew someday I would have the perfect use for it. Yesterday, I did.
I made this little bank to give to Lauren on Easter. I will fill it with some Leprechaun Loot to get her started. I thought that she could save her change and have a little extra cash for her trip. For her 21st birthday in May, I am going to make her an Ireland Memory Box from a recycled Cigar Box. (I love cigar boxes!)

Please let me know you were here. I love reading your comments, I appreciate them so much.
As always thanks for stopping by and have a great night!

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  1. love this covered tin or plastic bin. Cute as can be.!!!