Friday, February 8, 2013

Best Friends

The day after I had Danny, we got this teddy bear with a floral arrangement from my work. Each month I would take a picture of Danny with the bear to show how much he had grown. I stopped taking pictures when he turned 1. Danny was walking by 9-1/2 months with help, 10 months on his own. He also started talking by 10 months. Simple words, "Mom-Mom, Ada (Daddy), Car and Up." By the time he was a year old, a new word entered his vocabulary, "Jeff." Jeff was the name he had given his bear. Jeff is also the name of our local weatherman on KDKA, Channel 2. Jeff Verszyla. When Danny would fuss as a baby and Jeff's forecast would come on, Danny would become mesmerized. Jeff's voice must have been soothing to him. As Danny began walking and talking more, no matter where he would be in the house, he would hear Jeff's voice on the tv and come running, "Mom-mom Jeff on." He would stop what he was doing, watch the weather forecast and as soon as it was over, he would go back to whatever it was he was doing. Danny and Jeff became the best of friends. Although most of the stuffed animals are long gone, we still have Jeff. My husband insists on "Us" getting rid of it. No way, mine and Danny's hearts would be broken.
Sorry about the flash glare. It snow/raining outside, not the best for a perfect pic. I'll try again for a better photo, but it is Danny and his best friend cuddled in for the night.
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