Sunday, March 14, 2010

Can't Sleep

These are the first sympathy cards I have ever made. My ex-sister-n-laws mother passed away unexpectedly last week. (Bonnie and I have remained very close through the years.) Breanna, my niece (Bonnie & my brother's daughter) is like my own daughter. The bond her and I have is unbelievable. Anyway, the card on the left was made for Bonnie. I wanted to create the card around the sentiment. We truly do not want to remember the days, we want to remember the moments. When I saw the dogwood paper, I just instantly thought of Grandma Phyllis. Then I found the sky paper with the clouds, and I thought of heaven. I know that is where Grandma Phyllis is. She is now everyone's angel. The card on the right was made for my niece Bre. I think it looks so delicate.
Grandma Phyllis was loved by all. She was truly a wonderful lady. She was able to see the good in every person she met. I will miss all of the conversations we have had over the years sitting at Bonnie's kitchen table. Those memories will be forever treasured.
I wasn't going to post anymore tonight. I have seriously neglected my blog. I'm sorry. I tried going to bed, but hubby started working midnight again and I'm having a hard time falling asleep. Maybe after I'm done here, I'll be able to.
Busy week a head of us, finishing my brother's receipts for his taxes, weight watchers, pinewood derby car hasn't even been started and the race is on Friday! Hubby has appt with the oral surgeon on Wednesday, and his wisdom teeth come out Friday morning. Danny doesn't have school, so he'll be coming along with us. Funny though, he was there when I had mine out 7 years ago.
I'm going to try the bed thing again. I can't believe how fast weekends go. I even have Friday's off too! 5:30 am comes along pretty quick too. Our mornings will be different, Dan will be getting home by 7:30, just in time to take Danny to the bus stop, and I'll be leaving for work. At least now I will be at work by 8:00, and not 8:10 every day. I am very lucky to be working for the company I do. I can work my schedule around Danny, which is a blessing.
Well good night again.
Grandma Phyllis - God called you home. There was an angel space to be filled. I will miss you!

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