Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UGH!!!!! I am my own worst enemy

Ok, so last night was Weight Watchers and like I thought it was bad. I gained 1.8 pounds. Where has my dedication gone? Why is this so hard? Have I given up? Why have I given up? I know what I have to do to make it work, but why am I not doing it? Summer is coming, Kennywood, going losing another 25 pounds by then I would be more comfortable. I want to get a bike, I would like to have a bike like Ruby, but I don't have $$ for one of those. I want to get healthy. My daughter is getting married in December. I want to look good, I want to look like a hot mom.

My niece called me at 7:00 am today. I could tell she was upset as soon as I answered the phone. I immediately thought something happened to her husband Josh, who is on his 3rd tour of Iraq right now. It wasn't Josh, but Bre's Grandma Phyllis. Grandma Phyllis passed away at midnight. My heart was being torn into pieces. Bre is like a daughter to me. We formed a bond before she was even born. Bre is my brother's daughter. Bre asked if I would call her dad for her, I did. I hope he calls her today. He is going out of town today for work.

My lunch hour is over. I'll post more later on.

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