Saturday, March 6, 2010

I won the Spring BBTB2 Contest!

I never dreamed I would win the contest when I entered my basket. I was elated when I checked the next day and saw that it was me that was picked! You could not pay me enough to be one of the judges! Whoosh! The entries that were submitted! You ladies rock!

I absolutely love crafting. The day that I made the basket was the 7th anniversary of the day my dad passed away. I was determined that I would not let myself get bummed that day, so I threw all I had into crafting that day. Apparently I came up with something good.

A special thank you goes out to Heather for taking over BBTB. It is a wonderful blog and a great place to visit for ideas and inspiration. Also a very special thanks goes out to Regina Easter for sponsoring the contest and awarding the prize. A very generous prize of 3 cut files from her site, The Cutting Cafe. If you haven't already visited her there, I suggest you do. But beware, give yourself plenty of time.

Today is Danny's science fair at school. We are leaving in 20 minutes. I hope all goes well. Daddy has to work this morning, so it's just me and my babe. I woke up with a sore throat and hope its just a morning thing.

I'm hoping to get back on here later to post come cards that I made yesterday and pictures from the Science Fair.


  1. congrats on the bbtb2 win sharon well deserved! your basket/bag is adorable :) xx shelly

  2. where can I see the basket? Good for you! What a great feeling to redirect your sadness into the craft of a win. I am happy to hear that. My mom passed away in November of 09 so I am just beside myself right now. Life,kids,.....I don't know anymore. i just can't believe she is gone and not here with me. It was so sudden and completely took the whole family by surprise. I was anti-creating and scrapbooking since then just these past couple weeks I have just become obsessed with any minute I have on the computer and creating. It came out of nowhere. I think it's my mom telling me to get my act together and stop wasting the precious time and talent that I do have. She fully supported my craftiness and received many many scrapbooks and photo gifts with her grandbabies in them. I used to host monthly crops and she would help me set up and then babysit the kids because they were 12 hr crops. She made homemade cheesecake for me to serve. The ladies that attended still talk about her cheesecake. I miss her so much it hurts. I am trying to make her proud of what I come up with. Each and every card or project I create is somehow inspired by her. I don't know how it's just her helping me along right now, I know it.
    Try to send me a link to see your basket it would make my day.