Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Tuesday - That means Weight Watchers

I'm so dreading going to Weight Watchers tonight. I was doing so good, and somewhere along the way I lost my umpf! I lost my willpower. I started climbing that mountain, but quit a 1/4 of the way up.
I lost 35 pounds, but then I gained 7 over the holidays and can not seem to lose it. I'll lose 2, gain 1 etc...I've also had a procedure done and my body hasn't quite adjusted to that yet. Everyday I wake up and say today is the day, today is the day I'm really going to count those points, I'm going to watch what I eat, I'm going to say no to any goodies offered at work. Well those things haven't happened yet. I just want to know why???
At best, I will have stayed the same and not lost. Only time will tell. 5 more hours to be exact. I'll get back with my result.

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  1. I send support your way girl,really I do. It's so hard to be good isn't it? I have been on a binge lately-I had the breakfast of champions this morning. It all started out with a ham and cheese sandwich then for a snack 2 hrs later I had toast smothered with Nutella. What was I thinking? Tomorrow is another day right?
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