Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday - Monday Beware of the Ides of March

Another night I can not get to sleep. It's weird not having Dan here when I go to bed. I'll get used to it eventually.
I was able to escape to my little corner of the basement. I'm having way too much fun with Tags, Bags, Boxes and More. I love, love, love that cartridge. I'll take my pics tomorrow and get them posted.
Bitten By the Bug 2 is having another contest soon. I know it involves rubber stamping. I'm excited and can not wait until it is posted. Rubber stamping is how all of this craziness started.
The sun will be shining tomorrow. I'm ready for the mud to dry out and the fresh, greeness of everything to begin. The robins have been carrying on like crazy in the yard. We'll be having babies soon. Danny and I will go around the yard checking the pines for nests, eggs and babies. Campfire season will be here too! Nothing better than sitting around the campfire at night just kickin' back and relaxin'.
I'm going to try to the sleep thing now. Have a good night every one!

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