Friday, May 29, 2009

Whew! It's a Little Humid here in Harmony

In all honesty I was looking forward to the summer, being outside and doing all things you couldn't do in the winter, but this humidity is horrible! We don't have our a/c in yet, the house is gross. It is 59 outside right now, and 75 inside! I have everything open trying to cool it off. It is kind of strange being here by myself. Dan is working and I just got Danny on the school bus. My goal today is cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I started the other night by scrubbing the walls in the kitchen. Sadly they are beyond scrubbing and need painted. My ultimate achievement today is to finish the kitchen, then start in the dining room. Tomorrow will be the living room and bathroom. I am actually going to get on my hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor. I'll end up being a sweaty disgusting pig, but it will be clean, and I WILL hit my 20 pound loss for weight watchers.
Speaking of Weight Watchers, I took a week off and it showed. I only lost .4 pounds. I should be happy with that - at least I didn't gain. I have to get on the ball! I would really like to be down 50 pounds by the end of the summer although it seems very unrealistic.
We have having a birthday party for Danny next week. A birthday party campfire. This year it is a little different, his kids party is the same day. I'm having the kids come at 5:00, we will play birthday party games until 6:15/6:30, then tie it in to the adult/family party. The kids are going to roast hot dogs on the campfire. My sister is going to make a big thing of mac -n- cheese and that is what they are going to eat. We'll do presents and cake, then the kids can go home at 8:00, and the adults can do their thing. I believe I will be cracking open a well deserved beer at 8:01! Usually I'm on top of things, but this year I just seem to be lacking. It wasn't until 2 days ago I realized I didn't have a birthday cake ordered for Danny. I have nothing bought for his party! After school today, Danny and I are going to order his cake and start buying some party things. Danny wants to make treat bags from brown paper lunch bags. I mentioned using my Cricut, but he wants to color them. I should just let him do it, less for me, but I don't know. I get anal over things like that. Danny invited 20 kids, we've only had 4 rsvp! The day to rsvp is the 31st. I hope we start getting phone calls!
Sunday is a very big day for me. Kelly invited us to her housing warming/grad party! For anyone who reads this and doesn't know, Kelly is my daughter. I gave her up for adoption. I had her the day before my 16th birthday. Five years ago I looked for her, and found her. She wanted to meet. We have only lived about 20 minutes apart for all of these years! Our first year together was great, but then it faded. I never pushed Kelly into anything, the ball was always in her court. I was upset over the fact that we didn't talk anymore and didn't understand why, but I had to take comfort in the fact that she has had a wonderful life so far, great parents and a good head on her shoulders. I got to meet her, I had a face, a very beautiful face, I had a voice after 20 years. We started talking again this February. We have kept in touch pretty regularly. Kelly received her Masters in May in counseling. She is working at a local hospital as a drug/alcohol therapist. Her and her fiance' bought a house and closed on it in March. They are planning a December 2010 wedding. Anyway, Kelly invited us and I am so nervous! Her whole family is going to be there! I've met her mom and dad, they are very nice people, but the rest of the family I have not! I'm so afraid that I will not be liked, or they will think that I didn't want Kelly and just threw her away, which is so far from the truth. I'm just very nervous. The first meeting of everyone, I'll be known as the birth mother. After time, they will still know I'm her birth mother, but hopefully they will just know me as Sher. I believe that by Kelly inviting us to her party, she is taking a big step towards the future. Hopefully our relationship will continue.
Well, my kitchen floor is going to scrub itself, so I should get working on that. If I get a chance later, I will blog some more!

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