Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I finally got there! I reached my 15 pound mark and am actually 1.4 pounds over it! I've lost 16.4 pounds so far! I'm so excited and so happy! It has taken me a total of 10 weeks to do it. This is going to be a long process, but I'm in for the whole ride! 20 pounds doesn't seem so out of reach now! My sister is kicking butt! She is now just shy of 22 pounds! She even was in Washington DC for the weekend with her daughter and the high school band and she managed to lose 2 pounds! My mom finally reached her 5 pound mark and was thrilled to receive a 5 pound star! I do not feel as though I'm missing out on food. If I want to, I can eat it, I am now making the better choices and not eating it. I am aware of what I'm putting in. I'm not saying that on one of these trips to our camp I'm not going to get a Moose Tracks cone at the Pale Whale, I might, I might not, but if I do, I won't get a double cone, I'll get a single. (Moose Tracks is my downfall!)
I just wanted to share my exciting news with whomever is reading this!

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Have a great night everyone!

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